Friday, November 24, 2006

The unresolved being of 'doing'

In the 1975 section of the IIS, Castoriadis set out to elaborate the being of 'doing' but it was gradually eclipsed by the being of 'signification'. Although 'doing' remained central to him throughout his trajectory, its elucidation remained fragmentary. Some interesting points of tension arise with this twofold aspect of social-historical modes of being and is evident in his writings on 'doing' and his later post 1990 thematic on the 'autonomy of art'. This tension was not, in my view, resolved in his thought. It is especially evident between the temporality of the doing of 'folk' art/cultural forms as non-commodified - or even 'authentic' - cultural creativity and Castoriadis' increasig insistence on the Kantian interpretation of art as the 'positing of new forms'.

I'd be very interested to hear your views on this.


At 9:10 AM, Blogger Ingerid S. said...

I'm afraid I can't help you, but this strikes me as extremely important. Perhaps the unresolved being of doing echoes a point strongly posed by Arendt, the insistence on regarding the world as action (i.e. doing), not as image (the latter, a heritage from Descartes). Dana Villa has written extensively on this difference in the excellent volume "Arendt and Heidegger. The Fate of the Political" (1996). If I remember correctly, Arendt's philosophical project is, according to Villa, to replace the philosopher as spectator and recast our take on the world, into a world of doing. The human world and life is something that we do. This turn has far reaching consequences - which I'll be glad to write more about later (when I get the book from my office at the Uni) :-)

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