Thursday, August 06, 2009

NSU network group - the end and some new beginnings

This blog started out as a forum for the network group Creation, Rationality and Autonomy in the academic network Nordic Summer University. This group has now come to an end, with a very successful summer session at Tyrifjord, Norway. The group was the biggest of all, counting 20 + persons from ca. 10 nationalities, presenting 13 papers - quite a feat, since the group has concentrated on just one philosopher over the past three years: Cornelius Castoriadis.

Now, in the aftermath of the past three years, many participants in the symposia and sessions wish to maintain the network in some - preferably more than one - form. In the short perspective, there will be one or anthologies published with some of the papers. The Norwegian think-tank Res Publica has expressed an interest in making one such publication, the NSU will hopefully provide the means for one more.