Saturday, April 21, 2007

Key Note speaker 2007: Hartmut Rosa

Professor Rosa teaches both sociology and political theory. His research interests include - according to the German wikipedia source - studies of modernity in terms of technique and sociological "acceleration"; he has written on the philosophy of Charles Taylor, on critical theory, on social mobilization and he also holds an interest in the history of ideas in the tradition of the Cambridge school (see the next post on Q. Skinner).

According to the wikipedia article, this means that professor Rosa advocates that studies of contemporary and historical societies should be sensitive to the history of concepts and ideas, in terms of normativity and ideology, to form a critical perspecitve for research:

Rosa fordert eine Hinterfragung politischer Theorien bezüglich ihres Inhalts und ihres Wirkens. Das bedeutet die Untersuchung von Traditions- und Diskussionszusammenhängen, sowie normativer oder ideologischer Implikationen, in denen er das zentrale Anliegen einer kritischen Begriffsgeschichte sieht. Dieser Forschungsschwerpunkt fügt seine vorangegangenen Themenbereiche zusammen. Rosa sucht, neue Verbindungen zwischen der aktuellen Gesellschaftstheorie mit zeitdiagnostischen Analysen und einer normativen, kritischen Sozialphilosophie, deren Basis er in der Verknüpfung von "politik-, identitäts- und modernetheoretischen Überlegungen" sieht. (from )


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this "information"?
for god's sake, read something. Hartmut Rosa is a key figure on the scene of returning grand theories, and wikipedia is just vulgar, so what's the point of your "contribution"?

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Luke Yates said...

Come on, 'anonymous'! This provides an English translation to a German entry, and the Wiki entry is most likely written by Rosa himself.


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