Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Castoriadis in English

There seems to be a general interest for Castoriadis networks and symposia using English as their working language. Even though the Nordic Summer University (NSU) does not really facilitate international participation - being a network to support research cooperation in the Nordic region - the network group Creation, Rationality and Autonomy has gathered quite an international participation (more than any other network group in the NSU).

It would be interesting to collect some information on other working initiatives out there. Of course, there is competence in teaching Castoriadis in Greece, France and Belgium - and Italy, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and more ... see the Teaching Castoriadis section at Agora International (where there is a also lovely contribution by Ian Pirie, who used to teach some Castoriadis at the East London University).

But what about English speaking milieus working with Castoriadis's thought today? We know there is quite a milieu for Castoriadis studies in Australia (La Trobe University and other places). But also in the USA there are niches for CC-studies. Where? And what about the UK?


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Without actually being a 'niche', at the New School in NY there is a good chance one might become familiar with Castoriadis' work, either through some of Agnes Heller's work (philosophy department), or Andreas Kalyvas (political science). Unfortunately, this is hardly constitutive of a niche, if you ask me.

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Ingerid S. said...

So that's where Andreas Kalyvas is working now. I met him some years ago, but lost contact. That should be a very good resource, then. I am glad to learn that he is still working on Castoriadis.


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