Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MAY 1968 - 2008: Arrangements in the UK

A few things which might be helpful - from Stuart:

This is the May 68 conference at Birkbeck University, London:
Call for papers

There is a season about to commence on BBC Radio four about May 68. A stack of programmes and resources are located here:
One daily programme will chart events day by day, starting March 17th. Programmes are usually archived on the site within a day or two of broadcasting, so you should be able to access them all, although be quick as they're taken off after a while.

Meantime, this is a BBC Radio 4 programme on 'Imagination'
HINT: Look in the second column, second box down for the link that plays the programme back to you
...This is the archive it comes from:
There are links to philosphy and other resources too...


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